How to do it: PASTA

Today I want to tell you how to cook pasta.

Pasta is yummy and you can make so many different kinds of things with it. You can eat pasta with tomato sauce or mixed with veggies, with lots of cheese, plain or however you like.

Pasta comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are bowtie pasta, penne pasta, spaghetti, elbow pasta, alphabet pasta, macaroni… There is even one that’s called UFO pasta.


There is flavored pasta too. The most common flavors are spinach, tomato and pepper, but you can also get carrot or beet flavor. You actually get strawberry and chocolate pasta as well.

There is even black pasta, colored with ink from a squid.

I hope you are excited, because I am.

Here we go: How to cook… PASTA

You cook pasta simply in water. Find a pot that is big enough to hold about three times the amount of water than pasta. Pasta will about double in size while it cooks and if you don’t have enough water the pasta will stick together.

Fill the pot with water and put it onto the stove. If it is too heavy, ask someone to help you. Now you can turn on the stove.

For a medium-size pot add one teaspoon of salt to the water. This will give the pasta more flavor.


Once the water starts to boil, carefully put in the pasta and let it boil inside the water for about 10-12 minutes minutes. Each kind of pasta has different cooking times. Please look at the package for instructions.

With a long kitchen spoon stir the pasta right away so it doesn’t stick together on to the bottom of the pot. Stir it a few more times while it’s cooking.


After about 10 minutes use the kitchen spoon to pick out one piece of pasta and let it cool down on a plate for a few seconds. Then eat it to see if it needs more time to cook or if you like it that way. It should be soft but not mushy. When it’s done turn off the stove and stir the pasta one more time.


Grab the pot handles with two oven mitts, carry the pot to the sink and pour the pasta into a colander (also known as a strainer) to strain out the water.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pasta and mix it around. The oil makes sure the pasta doesn’t stick together and it gives extra flavor.

Your pasta is done. You can eat it just like that. Or add your favorite sauces, vegetables and/or meats to it.


Oh, I love pasta! Sven sometimes cooks me spaghetti with marinara sauce, spinach and fresh tomatoes. Yummy!

Last time I ate so much that I couldn’t even fly…and I had to walk home!


Just make sure you keep an eye on your plate.

What kinds of pasta do you like?

Do you have a favorite sauce? Please let me know.



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