Good morning Kids

Did you know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Yes it is. Bee-pinky swear.

A good breakfast wakes up your body after it rested all night while you slept. And now, after that rest, it is important for you to get fresh energy back into your body so you can play all day… and of course have better concentration at school. ☺️

I know how hard it is to eat right after you wake up or before you run out of the house to get to school or kindergarten, but please try to give yourself about 20 minutes in the morning to sit down and have a nice breakfast. Trust me it will change your whole day.

There are so many quick and yummy things you can make in the morning that give you Super Hero power. And they don’t even take much time to prepare. Try something new every day so it doesn’t get boring.

You can have eggs in all sorts of ways, like scrambled or fried or even an omelet. Or try a whole-wheat bagel or toast with turkey and cheese on it. Yummy! Or some yoghurt with fresh fruits or berries. Have cereal with milk. Or oatmeal.

You can also make a breakfast pizza out of an English muffin. Wow!

See, there are so many fun and yummy things you can make by yourself. I have put together some of my favorite breakfast ideas for you. I hope you like them too.

Please contact me and let me know what you like to eat for breakfast, so I can share it with the other kids. You can also send me pictures.

Ok, now let’s make a yummy breakfast! ☺️

Yogurt and Granola
► More recipes coming soon.