Hello Kids

If you want to be as strong as a dragon then here is the secret: The Dragon Shake

It is dark and mysterious and full of powerful ingredients.

Just like the Crocodile Shake the Dragon Shake also has lots of nutrition and antioxidants, which give you super hero…
…oops, “Dragon Power”.

You can drink it at any time of the day, but it is best to have it in the morning right after you wake up. A power breakfast is very important, because it gives you all of the nutrition and vitamins that you need for the day.

If you have all of the ingredients already prepared in your refrigerator it should only take a few minutes to get dragon-strength! Just put all of the following ingredients into your blender and blend it nice and smooth.



0.5 oz Kale
0.5 oz Spinach
1 oz Avocado
2 oz Beets (red)
1 oz red Peppers
2 oz Blueberries
2 oz Blackberries
2 oz Raspberries
2 oz dark Grapes
1 oz dried Cranberries
2 cups Water

This recipe makes enough for two, so you can share with your best friend.

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