How To…

Hello Kids

Welcome to How To…!

On this page I will show you how you can cook many yummy things all by yourself.

I have created different articles to show you all of the steps and tools that you need to make things like yummy mashed potatoes, or hard-boiled eggs, how to cook pasta and lots more.

What is your favorite dish? Do you have a picture of it?
Or have you heard of a dish, but you don’t know what it really is and how to cook it?

Let me know and I will tell Sven to make a cooking video.
Then we would make YOUR favorite dish and we would share it with the other kids here on the website. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Take a look at the articles. I hope you like them.

Did you cook all of them? How did it turn out?
Please send me lots of pictures of your dishes and leave me some cool comments too!

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