Willy Says…

Hello Kids

Learn a lot of New Things!

On the WILLY SAYS… page you can learn a lot of new things  about cooking, like cool words to impress your friends or how to keep our planet clean. But I will also explain to you how to stay safe in the kitchen, so it is very important that you read the Do’s & Don’ts and the Kitchen Rules.

If there is anything you don’t understand please ask your parents to help you.

Remember, cooking is a lot of fun, but we always want to stay safe.

Do you know of any cool kitchen words or do you have a favorite tool you like to use when you cook, like a favorite spoon or peeler? Let us know.

Or do you even have your own little garden at home? If so, then please send us lots of pictures so we can share them with the other kids here on the website.

Here are some fun articles for you to read. Don’t worry I put lots of pictures in them, ha ha.

Wow, those were some cool articles, right? I hope you learned a lot. What did you like the best?
Please leave us lots of cool comments and suggestions.

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