Know Your Food

Hello Kids

This is the KNOW YOUR FOOD page

Here you will find everything about food –
from “Tips & Tricks” as to how to pick your favorite fruits and veggies to the
“Berry of the Week” and other fun food stuff.

What is your favorite fruit, vegetable or berry?
And why? Where do you buy it?
Do you get it at the farmers market or do you even pick it in your very own garden?

Please let me know and leave me lots of comments. You can even send me pictures or videos of yourself, maybe at the market or in your garden or kitchen so we can share them with the other kids. You can do that on the CONTACT US page.
Please ask your parents to help you with that!

I’m looking forward to see all of your cool pictures!

See You Soon.


Which one did you like the most?
Please leave us lots of cool comments and suggestions.

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