Hello Parents

How I got Started

You are probably wondering why there is a page for you on a cooking website for your children, right? Well, let me tell you.

I grew up cooking with my grandmother, which was a huge inspiration for me throughout my life. I remember walking through our garden around the house and picking vegetables, fruits or berries. Everything was fresh. I learned to appreciate food and to enjoy it.

I also remember riding my bicycle around town every day after school. There was not a moment I wasn’t in motion or exercising and many times my parents would join.

Helping Parents

Times have changed and everything seems more hectic today. The media tells us daily how bad our food is and how bad our health has gotten. I spoke with many parents who told me that they would like to have more control over the food their children eat.

Many said they didn’t have the time or knowledge to cook something healthy for or with their children.

Even less had the time or the energy to exercise with their children or not even to get motivated to do it.

Through Willy’s Kitchen I would like to inspire YOU as well, just like I was when I was your kid’s age. Cooking and exercising together creates a family bonding for life!

My Goals

My goal is to reach out to as many families as possible; especially the children. I want to inspire them to cook and eat healthy and to get motivated to exercise so they can live a healthier life. I know it’s a big task! But I need your help!

We put together a lot of articles for you, ranging from facts to fun ideas and inspirations. I hope you like them.

Please comment and contact us with your own ideas, stories, feedback, recipes, tips & tricks etc so we can post it here on the website to inspire other parents and their children as well. Everyone has a fun & healthy story. Let’s share it.

Thank you very much


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