Hello Kids

Welcome to the KIDS page.

Like the name already gives away this page is for YOU.
Ok, if you like you can let your parents take a look too, haha.


I put together all sorts of fun things for you. All about food, kitchen language, safety tips and lots of cool ideas for how to make yummy stuff in the kitchen. I hope you like it.

Please contact me if you have questions or if you have any cool ideas about food yourself. This can be your favorite recipe, a fun picture of you in the kitchen or even a crazy food story. If it’s really fun I will put it up on the website for other kids to learn & laugh.

Ok, see you soon.

Here are three categories for you with a lot of fun stuff:


I like the Cool Food Facts the best! I didn’t know that watermelons can be square! Did you? Wow!!!

Which one did you like the most?


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