Peanut butter and banana sandwich

  By willyk  

October 20, 2017

Another super quick and yummy breakfast idea for when there is not too much time in the morning. This sandwich is full of flavor and instead of using jam and adding additional sugar we use banana for sweetness and to give it additional nutrition. 🙂


  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Yields: 1 sandwich


1Put both slices of whole-wheat bread (or toast) on a plate.

2With a dinner knife smear the peanut butter across both halves.

3Peel the banana and cut it into slices on a cutting board. (If you want to use the same knife you should do this first so you don't have peanut butter on it)

4Put the banana slices on just one piece of toast, then put the other one on top.

5Enjoy your sandwich 🙂


2 slices of whole-wheat bread (or toast)

Peanut butter. (See: Additional Recipes Notes)

1 medium banana

Additional Recipe Notes

We hope you enjoy this quick breakfast sandwich. If you like to switch it up sometimes you can use a sliced apple instead of banana. Or how about some low-fat cottage cheese and cranberries on it? Yum 🙂

NOTE: When it comes to Peanut Butter you can find many different options in the store. Some brands have added additional sugar, fats or salt for extra flavor. Please compare different brands of peanut butter before buying. You want to keep the level of Sugars, Sodium, Trans fats and Saturated fats as low as possible. Almond butter is another great option, but it is more expensive.


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