Scrambled eggs on whole-wheat bread

  By willyk  

October 20, 2017

Of course you should not play with your food, but if you like eggs in the morning then how about a "who-can-make-the-funniest-face?" competition? 🙂                   To make our bunny we used a cookie cutter to cut the toast and some avocado and a few vegetables. What is your best breakfast face?

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yields: 1 slice of whole-wheat bread


1Prepare your whole-wheat toast. You can cut it or leave it just the way it is. Then put it on a plate.

2Crack the eggs into a medium size bowl.

3With a whisk beat the eggs until they are combined. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. (You can use other seasoning or herbs if you like)

4Place a medium size non-stick pan on the stove and turn in to medium heat. After about a minute add a small piece of butter into the pan. (Note: if you don't like butter you can use olive oil)

5When the butter starts to melt and gets bubbly you can pour the egg mixture into the pan. Using a spatula carefully mix the eggs inside the pan. IMPORTANT: Please have your other hand always on the pan handle so the pan doesn't slight around or even falls off the stove.

6When the eggs are fully cooked turn the stove off right away. Using an oven mitt or a towel carefully carry the pan to the table. Scoop the eggs on top of your toast and start making funny faces with any vegetable that you like.

7Enjoy your breakfast. How did your funny faces come out? Send me some pictures please so I can share them with the other kids 🙂


1 slice whole-wheat bread (or toast)

2 medium eggs

pinch of salt & pepper

1 small piece of butter (or olive oil)

some vegetables for garnish (such as avocado, tomatoes etc)


1 bowl (medium size)

1 whisk

1 non-stick pan (medium size)

1 spatula

1 kitchen towel or oven mitt

Additional Recipe Notes

Please watch the EGGS video in the video section where we show you how to make scrambled eggs.

Also please look the at the article "HOW TO MAKE...scrambled eggs"


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