Turkey-Spinach lollipops

  By willyk  

March 22, 2018

Those bite-size Turkey-Spinach lollipops are a must-have snack for any birthday party. With lots of protein in turkey, vitamins in spinach and fiber in the roasted pepper hummus spread you could call them power pops!

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Yields: 6-10 Turkey-Pops


1As always make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients prepared so you are ready to go.

2Place the tortilla on the cutting board and spread the hummus all around with a rubber spatula.

3Then put down the first layer of sliced turkey - about 2-3 slices. Put it toward the bottom of the tortilla.

4Now add a layer of spinach leaves. Make sure they are evenly spread.

5Now another layer of turkey...

6...and another layer of spinach.

7Grab the bottom of the tortilla with both hands and roll it toward the top.

8Make sure you roll it as tight as you can. The tighter you roll it the better your lollipops will hold together later.

9When you get to the top slightly squeeze together the tortilla roll to seal the end part.

10With a chef knife cut off the ends - about 1,5 inches on each side. (Make sure you eat the end pieces right away 🙂 )

11Now cut the roll into even slices, about half an inch thick...

12...and stick the wooden skewer through the slice. Make sure the skewer pokes through the end part of the roll so it doesn't open up.

13You can use any kind of fruit to display your lollipops, like pineapples, honeydew melons or apples. Apples work great and they come in all sorts of colors. Just cut a slice off the bottom of the apple to create a stand. Then just poke the skewers all around.


1 tortilla (12-inch). Any flavor you like.

1 cup roasted pepper hummus

1 small bag of spinach leaves

about 8 ounces sliced turkey

fruits to display your lollipops


6-inch wooden skewers

1 cutting board + chef knife


If you have a large party and you need to make a bunch you can also keep them as pinwheels and pile them up on a platter.

You could change it up a bit. Try ham instead of turkey or a different kind of hummus. You could also use a different flavored tortilla.


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