Whole-wheat bagel with scrambled eggs

  By willyk  

October 20, 2017

Another Quick & Tasty breakfast, that will give you a great to start of the day.
The whole-wheat bagel has fiber and carbs to give you that morning energy and with the protein in eggs you can take on almost any task 🙂

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 2 bagel halves


1Scramble 1 or 2 medium-sized eggs in a non-stick frying pan and set to the side. NOTE: To learn how to make scrambled eggs please watch the EGGS episode in the video section. You can also see the different steps in the "Scrambled eggs on whole-wheat bread" recipe, here in the Breakfast section.

2On a cutting board carefully cut your bagel in half. You can toast it or keep it untoasted. Which ever you like. Then place the two halves on a plate.

3Now you can assemble your bagel. Use some low-fat cream cheese as a spread and put the turkey on it. Then scoop the scrambled eggs right on top. Happy eating 🙂


1 whole-wheat bagel (toasted or raw)

1-2 medium eggs (scrambled)

low-fat cream cheese

A few slices of turkey (or ham if you like)

chopped chives for garnish (optional)


1 medium size bowl

1 whisk

1 non-stick pan (medium size)

1 spatula

1 kitchen towel or oven mitt


Additional Recipe Notes

Instead of low-fat cream cheese you can also use avocado. Simply scoop the avocado out of the skin right onto the bagel and spread it with a fork. For extra flavor you can add sliced tomato or a slice of cheese. Swiss cheese is great. Hmmm 🙂


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